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  1. asphyxiated definition: 1. past simple and past participle of asphyxiate 2. to cause someone to be unable to breathe. Learn more.
  2. ‘Interestingly enough, both writers are suicides - Hemingway shot himself and Plath asphyxiated in a gas oven.’ ‘Steve was a good friend I lost last year; he asphyxiated and/or drowned at .
  3. Asphyxiate definition is - to cause asphyxia in: to kill, suspend animation in, or make unconscious through want of adequate oxygen, presence of noxious agents, or other obstruction to normal breathing. How to use asphyxiate in a sentence.
  4. Asphyxia can be caused by injury to or obstruction of breathing passageways, as in strangulation or the aspiration of food (choking) or large quantities of fluid (near-drowning or drowning). The aspiration of food or fluid can result in a shrunken and airless state of the lungs that is known as atelectasis, a condition that aggravates hypoxemia.. Asphyxia can also be caused by suffocation, the.
  5. Aug 01,  · Korean man found dead, asphyxiated in pickup truck PHUKET: A Korean man was found dead by asphyxiation in his pickup truck parked in a .
  6. 1 day ago · The rest of the media world is asphyxiated, and fearful. It’s choking to death on faddish little orthodoxies that were invented just yesterday, imposed on men and “individuals who have cervixes”.
  7. Translate Asphyxiated. See authoritative translations of Asphyxiated in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.
  8. Asphyxiated Lyrics: I lit the stogie at dawn and just admit and be honest / Ain't no need in moving on if I keep slipping off it / I run that fade with consciousness and sleep him since he's soft.

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