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Blaster Master


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  1. Nov 23,  · Blaster Master is a platformer and "run and gun" video game released by Sunsoft for the Nintendo Entertainment whygopenneymokapotisreparmohe.coinfo: Codex Gamicus.
  2. Blaster Master: Enemy Below was developed by Sunsoft's United Kingdom development studio. It was released on February 24, September 24, and October 27 in in Japan, North America, and Europe respectively. It was re-released for the Nintendo 3DS' Virtual Console service in ReceptionDeveloper(s): JP: Outback Pty. Co., NA: Sunsoft Games.
  3. Blaster Master when used perfectly, can allow you to extend the buff for prolonged periods of time, and allows you to keep high stacks relatively long, allowing huge burst potential. Blaster Master can be maximised during Combustion by only using Fire Blast when the Blaster Master .
  4. Sep 24,  · Blaster Master - Enemy Below is a Action/Platformer 2D video game published by Sunsoft released on September 24, for the GameBoy Color. CRC 2f91e17c Screenshots:5/5(1).
  5. Blaster Master Zero 2 is now available for PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store! New "Kanna Raising Simulator" DLC mini-game also available on all platforms, and we made a new wallpaper to celebrate the occasion! 06/29/ Blaster Master Zero is now available for PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store! 06/24/ Floooower!
  6. Blaster Master Zero is an action-exploration game done in an 8-bit top-down & side-view style that hearkens back to the golden age of the NES.
  7. Mar 20,  · Blaster Master Zero was a phenomenal remake of an 8-bit classic so being able to finally enjoy a true sequel is an absolute treat. If you're up for a challenging and rewarding retro experience then playing Blaster Master Zero 2 is a must%(11).
  8. Blaster Master Edit Jason is a normal teenager who owns a pet frog named Fred. One day, Fred escapes from his tank and jumps outside onto a chest filled with a radioactive substance, causing the frog to grow in size. Fred's weight causes the chest to sink into the ground, causing him to .

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